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One of the most important ranking signals

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Mastering a great page title is a crucial element for copywriters, marketers and SEOs. A well-optimized page title can literally boost your rankings by a few hundred positions, in as little as 24-48 hours! So this is an important step towards a good placement in searchengines.

<title>Page title</title>

Page Title example

Where is the page title tag used?

  • The top browser bar shows the page title
  • Searchengine result pages (SERPS) use the title
  • When your website is shared social networks grab the title for the post headline

How to write a great SEO title

  • Keep it below 70 characters
  • Make each title unique to a specific page – do not repeat it.
  • Put your primary keywords at the beginning
  • It`s your best sales pitch – keep things like curiosity, urgency etc. in mind
  • Do not repeat your keyword in random order
  • Make it a real headline which tells the visitor what your content is about
  • Focus on the actual content – do not mention all things which people may also find on your site
  • Optionally add the matching category or use breadcrumbs in a meaningful way

Should I put my company brand into it?

if it fits into the 70 character limit you can put it at the end. Clearly seperate it with a pipe or dash.  Searchengines will recognize it as a brand name when it’s shown on every page in the same format.


Make it relevant and readable with your main keywords first.  Combine it with a call-to-action and write a unique title for every page laser focused on the content.


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