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Keyword tracking is a must-have to improve your website's position on google. You can spend a lot of money on keyword tracking if you require monitoring for 500 keywords and 10 domains or more. Though we would like to offer a small business plan for free - 50 keywords, 1 domain.

Optimizing your website is a mandatory online strategy to generate more visitors/customers for your homepage. The first step is targeting the right keywords for your website.
Most webmaster aim for high competitive keywords and get disappointed when they see their page ranking on position 235.

Check google webmaster tools to find the terms where you are already visible. Optimize with great content and build an authority site in your niche. Use google adwords keyword planer tool and reveal the estimated monthly searches. Check the top10 results and spy on your competitors. How many backlinks do they have? Can you gain more high quality links? Is your content better? Read our blog and learn more about searchengine optimization and ranking factors.

All these website ranking factors play a role. There are endless tools around which help you to control your SEO efforts. is one of them helping you to check your website position. Share our site with other webmasters to keep track of their rankings.

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