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What does bounce rate mean?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a website who leave your site after viewing only one page. This factor describes the engagement. The lower your bounce rate the better which means more pages are visited by one user. The bounce rate has nothing to do with the factor ‘time spend on website’ or the exit rate. Reducing your bounce rate should be your focus when working on usability, content and attraction. There is no one size fits all rule. Expect massive changes when you do a redesign. If you didn’t change any layouts and you see a sudden spike it’s likely a

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Keyword Rank Tracking is ready

After long coding nights the keyword rank tracking service is ready. I’ve tried many services and you can literally spend a fortune on keyword research tools. I miss a small and free automated tool which helps me to keep track of a few keyword terms. So here it is on the homepage of Submit your email and you’ll be guided through the process. Monitor 50 keywords for your domain. A weekly report is send in xlsx format for further processing. Subscribe now and I do the rest – keeping you up-to-date of your seo success.   I’m looking forward to

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61 On Page SEO Ranking Tips

  We regularly scan webpages and discover all kind of important ranking factors done wrong. This SEO ranking checklist is regularly updated with new factors to keep in mind when build websites and publishing content. A lot of work can be put into onsite optimization but your searchengine rankings will be worth the time you invest. There is no particular order but we will add some kind of importance factor soon. Concentrate on long tail keywords – do not optimize for high competitive keyword terms when starting a new site. Increase your page`s semantic field – use synonyms and as many

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SEO Checklist

Build your website for users, not spiders! This is an updated checklist. General Website Setup Log in to your Google account and create a new google analytics property for your website Add your website to Google Webmasters Tools and Bing Webmasters Tools – do not forget to verify your website Add www and non-www to your Google Webmasters account. Verify both and select your prefered domain On-Page SEO Checklist Follow these on-page ranking tips Off-Page SEO Checklist Backlinks Spy on your competitors and find their backlinking domains and sites. Input competitor domains at Link Diagnosis, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO.

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